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Can a Chiropractor Fix a Misaligned Spine?

Have you ever awoken and felt like you “slept wrong?” Sometimes, your body can feel misaligned, and you wonder what’s wrong. This is often because your spine has slipped out of alignment, causing pain and discomfort. This could occur due to something as simple as a stormy night’s sleep or something more severe, like an accident. A misaligned spine usually has a severe impact on the entire body. Therefore, you might wonder if chiropractic services can help you fix the problem.

Chiropractic treatment doesn’t just focus on neck pain; its goal is to relieve pain for patients through natural and non-invasive methods. Therefore, the question ‘can a chiropractor fix a misaligned spine’ is yes. Chiropractic treatment serves as a less expensive option than the treatments used by medical practitioners. It helps to relieve patients through chiropractic spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and other natural methods.

This article will explore how a chiropractor can help fix misaligned spines.

Causes of Spine Misalignments

There are many reasons why your spine could suffer a misalignment. Sometimes, it’s something simple and temporary, like poor posture or an injury causing stress to the spine. However, there are times when a disorder relating to spinal curvature results in a misalignment of the spine. Some examples of these disorders include the following:

  • Scoliosis is an exaggerated sideways curvature, usually in the shape of a C or an S rather than a straight line.
  • Lordosis: This is also known as a “swayback.” An alignment issue is apparent in the strong inward curve of the lumbar spine.
  • Kyphosis is a hunched posture with the thoracic spine curved more than 50 degrees.

Without fixing these misalignments, they could result in long-term mobility issues and also cause severe back pain. Additionally, these misalignments could result in a permanent loss of motion by eliminating the discs between the vertebrae.

Signs of Spine Misalignment

When you seek chiropractic care for your misaligned spine, you need to evaluate your situation. Knowing the signs of proper spine alignment will help the chiropractor assess your condition and create a personalized treatment plan. Below are signs you should take note of.

  • You experience difficulties moving around because you get tired easily or don’t feel right.
  • You suffer migraines, mostly after an accident or a sprain after lifting heavy equipment.
  • You experience some tingling in your lower extremities. Some people experience a ghostly numbness in their toes and fingers.
  • You experience a limited range of motion, especially in your hips and neck.

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What Chiropractors Look for During a Consultation

When you book a consultation, most chiropractors will ask questions to elicit the information you may have left out. Observations are usually objective and could include the following:

  • Range of Motion: Although some people are more flexible than others, there’s a certain degree to which everyone should be able to turn their neck and hips. The same goes for your leg extensions. Your chiropractor might observe you as you walk and perform simple exercises.
  • Heel Strike: Your chiropractor might also choose to check the sole of your shoes or ask that you walk in a straight line. This exercise aims to determine whether you’re placing more weight on one foot than another due to the misalignment.
  • Your Legs’ Length: This is a sign of misalignment that most patients don’t notice, except that their posture is drastically affected by it. Like most medical physicians, your chiropractor will also notice slight discrepancies in the length of your leg, which calls for accurate measurement of the legs.

How Chiropractors Fix Misaligned Spine Conditions

Although spinal misalignment is one of the most common car accident injuries, it could also occur due to a lack of ergonomics at the workplace. Luckily, chiropractors specialize in the identification of spinal misalignments. Several chiropractic programs are designed to help repair spine misalignment and prevent it from occurring again.

Chiropractors fix spinal misalignment through a series of spinal adjustments. Through different spinal adjustments, chiropractors treat patients with improper alignment conditions. This involves using their hands to adjust bones in the pelvis and spine, helping them realign. The spinal adjustment process is painless and occurs over a series of treatments.

Depending on the primary cause of your spine misalignment, a chiropractor could totally realign the spine or improve function without entirely fixing the issue. A chiropractic adjustment aims to identify the main cause of your symptoms and then address that. Unlike other healthcare professionals, a chiropractor isn’t concerned with covering up the symptoms of your pain.

The chiropractic approach is holistic. Therefore, your chiropractor might work on more than realigning your spine and bringing pain relief. Your chiropractor might also work on your leg extensions; you might hear a cracking or popping sound as your joints are relieved of pressure.

You might experience slight discomfort during a chiropractic session as your tissue is manipulated. However, this is entirely temporary and often accompanied by relief. After chiropractic adjustments, your chiropractor might also recommend stretching exercises to speed up recovery. By incorporating these exercises into your life, the long-term result will be very noticeable and enjoyable.

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Chiropractic care is a safe and non-invasive treatment for spinal misalignment. As an alternative medicine, it is effective in realigning your spine and improving overall health. In cases where you might need further intervention, chiropractic management is the first step toward restoring your mobility and eliminating back and neck pain.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms related to spinal misalignment, you should consider booking a consultation with a chiropractor today. Our doctors accept most insurance plans, including no-fault and workers’ compensation.

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