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Many people struggle with chronic pain at some point in their lives or, in some cases, must live with it entirely. According to statistics, approximately 70 million adults in the United States suffer from some form of chronic pain, with low back pain ranking second.

Back pain can range from a muscle ache to a stabbing, burning, or shooting sensation that extends all the way up to your neck or down to your legs. In most cases, movements such as standing, walking, bending, lifting, twisting, or reaching exacerbate the pain.

That being said, back pain should not be ignored, especially if it does not go away after a few days, does not improve with rest, or worsens over time, which is why you should seek a diagnosis and treatment from a specialist.

Quantum Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care provides exceptional chiropractic care in Riverhead. We have assisted thousands of patients in overcoming pain and returning to normal lives, and we can assist you as well.


What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a type of medical procedure in which a highly trained specialist applies sudden, controlled pressure to your spinal joint with their hands or, in some cases, a small tool. This procedure, also known as spinal manipulation, is used to realign your joints, improve spinal movement, and relieve pain in order for your body to function properly.

Chiropractors are medical professionals who perform chiropractic manipulation. This alternative pain treatment is not intended to be a one-time event. Patients are advised to see a chiropractor multiple times in order to achieve the best results. Depending on your chiropractor’s advice, you may need to continue treatment even after the pain has subsided.

So, what are chiropractic adjustments used to treat? Aside from mid and low back pain, there are treatment options for neck pain and tension headaches, which are frequently caused by the spine. When a section of your spine moves out of place, it can put a strain on surrounding nerves and tissues, resulting in pain, inflammation, and decreased spinal motion.

Chiropractic treatment may help relieve pain from conditions that affect your:

  • Joints

  • Muscles

  • Bones

  • Connective tissues

  • Cartilage

Chiropractic care is closely related to physical therapy, and patients may benefit from exploring both options in certain situations.


How Can You Benefit from Chiropractic Treatment?

So, what exactly should you expect to see once you start chiropractic sessions?

Here are some top benefits of this treatment approach:

Back and Neck Pain Relief

Back or neck pain can be relieved with a chiropractic adjustment. These types of pain are fairly common nowadays because people sit a lot, bend their necks when using their phones or computer, and generally engage in little to no physical activity. When you add poor posture to the mix, the danger multiplies. A chiropractor can help you relieve the pain by realigning your spine and relaxing your muscles.

Reduced Reliance on Pain Medication

It’s no surprise that many people depend on pain medication, given its affordability and accessibility. It’s simple to take a pill and forget about your back pain. However, this provides only temporary relief, requiring you to take another pill after a few hours. However, doctors advise patients to seek non-invasive alternative medicine solutions before turning to medication for pain relief. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve your pain and provide long-term relief.

Greater Mobility & Athletic Performance 

Chronic back pain, as well as general physical pain, can severely limit your physical functioning. Standing, walking, and bending, which most people take for granted, can be extremely painful or even impossible. Chiropractic spinal manipulation focuses on your musculoskeletal system and works to realign your body. Pain relief is simply a byproduct of this. When your body is in good shape, your range of motion improves as well. So you can resume exercising or participating in sports.

Improved Posture

Poor posture, particularly when sitting for several hours a day, can cause back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other serious complications. Consistent chiropractic care can help correct poor posture, relieve musculoskeletal pain, and prevent future spine problems.

Lower Medical Costs

Chiropractic adjustments are a less expensive alternative to traditional medical treatment for back pain. While it may not appear so at first, spinal manipulation therapy produces faster results and, in many cases, provides long-term relief. Other treatment methods take longer and can be more expensive.


Why Quantum Chiropractic Care?

We are more than your typical health center for a couple of reasons:

Individualized Hands-on Treatment

Your body and its requirements are unique. So, too, should your treatment. We practice complementary and integrative medicine, which includes thoroughly examining your medical history, diagnosis, and personalized treatment. As your needs change, so will your personalized treatment plan.

Trained and Certified Chiropractors 

Our chiropractors are industry experts with extensive experience. They are not only trained and accredited in what they do, but they also stay up to date on the latest developments in the field. In addition, they are members of the American Chiropractic Association.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our chiropractic care is about making you feel and move better. And that is what we guarantee our patients during our sessions.

Is Pain Taking Over Your Life? Book Chiropractic Adjustments in Riverhead, NY, at Quantum Today

Ignoring back or neck pain by taking pain relievers will not make it go away. You must address the source of the problem. Because it is non-invasive, effective, and long-lasting, chiropractic care is the best solution for musculoskeletal pain.

We have top-tier chiropractors and physical therapists on staff at Quantum Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care to help diagnose the source of your pain and determine the best treatment plan for you. Our goal is to assist your body in healing without the use of medications or invasive surgery.

Our doctors accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault and PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

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