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How To Care For Your Tendonitis At Home

How To Care For Your Tendonitis At Home

How to Treat Tendonitis at Home

Tendonitis is when a tendon — the thick cords that attach a muscle to the bone — is inflamed. As a result, tendonitis brings along pain that is anything but pleasant to endure. And while the help of a physical therapist can successfully lessen this inflammation, there are ways to help care for your tendonitis at home following the R.I.C.E. method.

R: Rest

When dealing with tendonitis, you want to make sure that you rest as much as possible. Completing strenuous activities — such as running or lifting heavy objects — can elevate the pain you’re already feeling. Giving your body the chance to rest allows the tissue to heal and not add any additional stress to the tendon in question. However, ensure that you walk around now and then since prolonged periods of rest can make your joints stiffer.

I: Ice

While resting, consider icing the inflamed area to help decrease pain and swelling. Any kind of ice pack will work; you’ll want to apply your cold compress to the problematic area for between 15 to 20 minutes throughout the day. By making a conscious effort to stick to this plan, you’ll begin to notice a decrease in your pain.

C: Compression

To prevent swelling in the injured area, you’ll want to wrap it using either an ACE bandage or a tendonitis compression garment. When dressing, make sure that the bandage/garment is snug — but not too tight since that can cut off your circulation. Now, if you feel as if you did a proper job but notice that the area begins to feel odd (i.e., you experience numbness), loosen the bandage — but seek out medical help immediately if the odd feeling does not subside.

E: Elevate

Finally, it’s important to remember to elevate the inflamed area above the level of your heart when you’re not on your feet. This can help reduce the amount of pain and swelling you may encounter. Especially when you’re not icing the injured area, elevation can genuinely make a difference and provide more comfort.

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