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Riverhead Electro Diagnostic Testing

EMG Testing for Myopathy Diagnosis in Riverhead, NY

We Help Diagnose Muscle Pain with the Best-in-the-Field EMG Testing

Do you have muscle pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness in different parts of your body? Any of these symptoms, whether alone or in combination, can be physically debilitating. You can now choose to treat your pain with pain medication. However, this only provides short-term relief and leads to dependency.

A better, more permanent solution is to find the source of your pain and treat it so you can return to living a full life.

So, thank you for visiting Quantum Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care. Here, we will perform an EMG test to determine the source of your pain or muscle weakness and develop the best treatment plan for you. Call us today to get started on your path to pain-free, active living!


What is EMG Testing?

Electrodiagnostic testing entails measuring electrical activity produced by the body’s muscles and nerves with the purpose of identifying any injury that could be affecting your muscle or nerve function. There are two types of electrodiagnostic tests:

  • Electromyography

Electromyography (EMG) analyzes your muscles’ electric flow to find any existing problems.

  • Nerve Conduction Studies

A Nerve Conduction Study (NCS), done alongside an EMG, is a test used to determine if your nerves are working normally.

EMG tests are usually done by a physical rehabilitation specialist or a neurologist. They can help diagnose a variety of nerve and muscle disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist drop, foot drop, cubital tunnel syndrome, foot drop, wrist drop, pinched neck or back nerve, sciatica, neuropathy, muscular dystrophy, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and myasthenia gravis.

So, what happens during the testing?

Our specialist usually inserts a small, thin needle into the muscle of the affected area, which then picks up and records electrical activity. The process can be a little painful or uncomfortable, but nothing alarming. Then, the doctor will ask you to tense and relax the muscles interchangeably. At this point, they will listen to and watch your electrical signal flow on a computer screen. Once the test is done, the needles are removed, and you are given the results on the same day. 

Mild soreness in the affected area is normal and will usually go away in a few days.


What Are the Benefits of EMG Testing?  

The most common reason you would want to seek an EMG test is to determine the cause of an unexplained pain, tingling, or numb sensation in your body. Muscle or nerve dysfunction may be caused by: 

  • Physical trauma

  • Diabetes

  • Infections

  • Toxins exposure

  • Muscle disorders like muscular dystrophy

  • Nerve issues like sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome

So, why should you get EMG testing? 

EMG is often the most effective method of diagnosing the cause of numbness, weakness, or cramping in your muscles. More specifically, it is used to diagnose: 

  • Muscle disorders: these include muscular dystrophy or polymyositis.

  • Nerve disorders: include conditions affecting peripheral nerves like peripheral neuropathies.

  • Nerve root disorders: that is, conditions that affect nerves that are related to the spine, for instance, a herniated disk.

  • Motor Neuron Disorders: These include issues affecting the brain and spinal cord nerves responsible for movement.

  • Neuromuscular disorders: These are conditions that affect the nerve and muscle connections.


Why Choose Quantum?

We are not your ordinary rehabilitation clinic. We stand out from the rest because of our:

Experienced Specialists

Our rehabilitation doctors are skilled, licensed, and, more importantly, experienced in their job. We have conducted thousands of EMGs, assisting patients in finding the cause of their suffering and getting on a path to recovery. So, book an appointment with us and finally get the answers you are looking for. 

Hands-On Personalized Treatment

Every part of your diagnosis and treatment plan is designed just for you. We assess your medical history and how you feel before administering the test. So, the testing process is specifically targeted to address your ailment. Everything is hands-on and conducted one-on-one in a private atmosphere.

Attention to Detail

We never leave anything to chance. That is why all tests performed here are thorough and conducted by the best specialists in the field. Be sure that the answers you will get for your muscle weakness or pain will be as accurate as possible.

Dedication to Positive Customer Experience

Our patient management process is unmatched. You will experience the best care from a professional and compassionate staff at Quantum. Your treatment is designed to help you heal quickly but without overly exhausting you. Your concerns and comfort are a priority to us.

Easy Scheduling with No Wait Times

Enjoy a seamless diagnosis and treatment process right here. Once you book an appointment with us, there will be no waiting or delays. That also means that you can schedule sessions according to your schedule so that your healing journey does not conflict with other aspects of your life. 

Prior Preparation and Evaluation

Before we get down to business, our specialist will explain the procedure to you, including any symptoms to expect. We also allow you to share your concerns, any medical conditions you may have, and ask any questions. This whole exercise aims to prepare you and put you at ease. 


Are Muscle Cramps, Weakness or Numbness Limiting Your Life? Get Quantum Rehabilitation Specialists to Find and Treat the Root Issues

Your body, like most things, is powered by energy. Electrical impulses are constantly traveling between your nerves and muscles. EMG analyses this electric activity and determines the cause of your nerve or muscle issues. Only after you know what is ailing you can you seek effective treatment.

Quantum Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care in Riverhead, NY, is one of the top rehabilitation centers for muscular injury treatment. But before we can devise a treatment plan for your pain, we do electro-diagnostic testing. We are thorough, professional, and experienced in the field.

So, are you ready to get back to good health? Call Quantum at (631) 591-2293 to schedule your EMG test today!